Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I am in the beautiful city of Hampi but a sunstroke has bound me to my bed for the past three days so not much exploring has been done. As I am slowly regaining strength I will write more soon.
After this episode I will go up north, to the cooler mountains as it is getting ridiculously hot here.
Lots of love,

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The Steve said...

Hi Catherine-Sara. We met at the Mango Tree the day I left for Mumbai. You told me the sad story about how you lost your bag in Goa. Guess what? Someone stole my bag on the bus to Mumbai. Same circumstances. I still have my passport, but my most valued possession is gone: my address book, also containing your advice for Mumbai and your email address. So I cannot contact you except via blog comment. Somehow, I miraculously remembered the name of it (took three tries, though). What have you done to me?