Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sailing to Hobart

I forgot what date we are on today. Days are fading, a minute has no meaning anymore. There is only the endlessness of the ocean. How can it be that what was so important to me on land seems without meaning when at sea. I dream a place of no confusion, of low cost living and happy people. The more I talk about sailing, the more I believe that maybe that is the way to go. The freedom of being free. Of not having to obey rules, or at least not the ones that are governed by politics and money.
But then I think maybe I am an ignorant person if I'd withdraw myself from the material world and disappear into the void of seamanship. Will I not run from my responsabilities towards society, towards family and friends?
Filosofers plight to say that the only responsability we have is towards life. But what with your mom, your dog, your lover? By all means what with responsability towards burocracy.
I know I stand for at least 6 inches of paperwork. I'm into the idea of confusing the hell out of the ones organizing my documents by sailing to a place where no laws apply and then get myself into some trouble.
Maybe I am doing just that.
If someone would have told me a year ago that I'd be navigating half the world on a black motor yacht hunting down a whaling fleet and sabotaging it with crew from all over the world I would have laughed at the idea. Now I am sailing to Hobart, Tasmania. Then on to a continent that belong to creatures that love blizzards. It's all a bit weird.
But somebody's gotta do it and it might as well be me. Marine wildlife is being slaughtered as we speak. We don't seem to care. We are reluctant to admit any relation to those inflicting the pain or those receiving it. Plastic wrapped food has made us insensitive to the origin of it. We are disconnected of the world around us. All that matters is our next car, the status of our jobs or the health of our own children. We have become numb.
Governements are not acting out the words they speak and wildlife is dying because of it. When will we understand that whatever we do has a direct impact on ecosystems. If we take out sharks for instance, the largest living predators on earth... if we take that chackle out of the foodchain then we erradicate a lot of other ecosystems that depend upon these predators.
If we murder the lungs of the earth then there will be no oxygen left for us to breathe.
Decay has set in long ago, decadence is just another rollercoaster to extinction.
I am here now and I will do the best I can but it will never be enough.
I am not scared of harpoons, I am scared that they will never understand. Human ignorance is the source of all evil. Enter Kali ...
I am on watch now as I will be for the next three months.
Operation No Compromise.
Better hold on.

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PM said...

Just exactly the same thoughts Sara, I could have written it...
Success xxx
Pierre M