Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pushkar - Notes from my diary

7th of March 2010 ... on the train, almost in Jaipur

Green made way for yellow,
Cowcarts are now camelcarts,
Darkred and moustached,
Or long skirts and sarees.
Foreign land as I've never been here before.
Land of Maharajas and Rajputs.
I am in Rajastan!!!

8th of March 2010 ... Italian coffeeplace ... 9:00AM

Rajput honour & beautiful buildings, Pushkar has simalarities with Vanarasi, but then again not really... India cannot be captured in words. When you try it loses its meaning.
Went to a temple dance performance last nicht, performed mostly by foreigners. Only the men were from Orissa, a state in the west of India. I keep thinking that dance is what I should be doing. And that I shouldn't wait too long anymore. Before it's too late to start.
Yesterday somebody asked my age. I told him to guess. He said 41. Come again?

9th of March 2010 ... Om Shiva garden restaurant

So many quiet places and I choose to be in the noisiest hotel in town< Might have to move, a lack of sleep is never good. it seemes there is a festival going on every day. Hindu's have many good traits but their choice in music is not one of them. 3 marching bands next to each other and then a baba singing with some terrible harmonium, and then in the middle of all that...horses and a cart with a statue depicting Vischnu (two days ago) or Ganesh (yesterday) on it. Having said this I have to point that this can be morning, daytime, evening or nighttime. It's very random and it can drive you insane.
So I guess I'll go and look for another place after eating my spagetti of 55Rs. I've spent way more than I should in India and I must be careful.

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