Friday, March 5, 2010

Bombay - Goa - Gokarna - Bombay

like a huge hairdryer...

paradoxes are everywhere in india

arriving in kudle at sunset...
butterfly the size of a bird!

Hi y'all,

So I arrived in bombay on what seems like a century ago. Actually it's been two weeks. I got a hold of myself and immediatly booked a ticket out of Bombay, which was hard since I really love this city. Most travellers in India tend to go around it in a wide bow but I enjoy the hustle and buste of it. The hotel I always stay in is quiet which is the only thing I need nightrest. If I sleep well I can deal with almost anything. I'd put the stress on almost..

So off I went to Goa, stayed at a friends place in Candaulim which must be the most touristic place in te whole of Goa and the last place I would choose but the house he stayed in is nice, I have my own room (by far the biggest room I've ever had in India) and the company was good. But Goa is not my cup of tea, never was. I'm not a very good swimmer (I float luckily, must be the airhead) and sand always seems to get everywhere.

So I left after a few days and went to Gokarna.
Now Gokarna is something else... First of all it's a very religious place with may temples, baba's, and more holy stuff like cows. It is the tiniest place and very nice to be in. But I didnt stay there I stayed in Kudle which is one beach further up. You climb over a hill, backpack and all, and then you get to the most beautiful place on earth. If God created heaven he must of had Kudle in mind.
I stayed in a tiny house made of mud just up the hill. It's a five minute walk from the beach but because it's a bit up you can hear the waves from my place. I shared my room with a million insects and the occasional dog. Since it's such a remote place I slept with the door open. My friend Damien and his best friend Marcello were staying a few metres below me in another small house so I was safe.
One day the monkeys came, snatching what they can so you better keep your food in the room with the door closed. I was woken by a loud bang on my roof, that was the first one. there were about 15 of em and they stayed for only one day. Then they left and didnt come back.
Its the sort of place I could stay for 6 months happily reading and creating things, cooking my own food and living quite peacefully. But this time I have time against me and with only two more weeks I had to move. I left at five in the morning, crying my eyes out for having to leave the dogs. Yes, the dogs. The people will be fine but in about a month monsoon starts and then it will be a struggle for life for them. The injured ones will not survive. Darwin on my mind. But compassion in my heart.

I am now in Bombay. for 24 hours. Shared a room with an English guy which made me sleep perfectly sound for a change. I've figured out that being on my own is good for my state of mind but evil on my sleeping patern. Anyways, I checked out already and if yesterdays 18 hour travel wasnt enough today will give me another 16 hours by train, yay!

I'm off to Rajastan and then off to the Kumbh Mela in Haridwar.

Untill the next one....



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