Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Most of us thought that we were gonna be extras in a bollywoodmovie, I was told the truth, that it was a commercial. It was a long hot day and we all earned 500Rs which is the equivalent of about 10 euro. I had the experience, it was fun, got nice friendship out of it but nunca mas! never again! This is us 'western chicks' posing with our money earned ...
Lovely walk for the mornings right behind where I stay
Do you not get a watery mouth by seeing all these goodies ... a Thali it's called and is cost us less than 1Euro. yummie ... The woman in the pic is Rachael, met her on the set of this commercial and currently sharing my room with her which brings it down to 200Rs pp (4Eu)
Leopolds actually exists !! Thank you Gregory David Roberts for getting me to jump the last obstacles to come here !!
View from my room at the Kishan Agha hotel

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