Friday, May 14, 2010

Not in India but In Barcelona

Leaving BelgiumCows in Luxemburg

Status update .. look at that and its 13 years old this car
Drawing closer to my destination.... ooohaaaaa
found this and loved it!
Yay olive/winery (god knows but it made me happy as a child)
Stretching the legs :-) all of em
Getting sick and tired of sitting in the car
Niceness but shitty weather
Almost and anxious!!!

So, Barcelona, city of angels and demons ....

I have recently moved here. Arrived after two days of watching the landscape change around me. I think I love that most about driving long distances. The fact that birchtrees make way for pinetrees and pinetrees eventually make way for schrubbery (and with that remembering the knights who say "Ni") It's a constant change that reminds us that nothing is forever.

Lucky for me I have fallen into a warm nest. My house is spacious and welcoming, and my flatmates are kind and loving. I'm located in Raval, probably the worst area in Spain but it's ok so far. It's central, and with that I mean the centre of the world. So many nationalities surround me I feel we're in the Arch of Noah. My neighbours helped me unload the car, it was all done in less than 5 minutes. The kindness of others ...

Missing my family but nothing more than that. Here I am. I live with the choices I've made. I wished to break with this past of mine. And it worked. Uit het oog is uit het hart they say where I come from. It means that what you can't see you can't love sort of. I have that ability to completely surpass things if they are not right in front of me. That is also why long distance relationships don't work for me. If I can't see you my love how am I supposed to love you?

I'm anxious to see what the future brings. I haven't the slightest idea where I will end up. Is it really that important? I want to Live with a capitol L. Where or what is not necessarily important, HOW is important to me. So I look around me and see ... the world ... and I glow ...

My heart shines from sorrow and grief ... but it shines nevertheless. I like my heart, I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Love from Barcelona

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